October 21, 2007

Karma Makes A Komeback

What a great weekend for life...let's recap:
  • Red Sox have a Game Seven tonight, we'll give up a new episode of The Simpsons any day for this
  • LSU wins as Inspector Clouseau strikes gold again as time runs out
  • Texas wins, enough said
  • Tulane wins behind 330+ rushing yards by Matt Forte
  • The Saints win, if only that whole Panthers loss hadn't happened...
  • One of us freaking nailed the LSAT
  • One of us has a girlfriend (note: same one as above)
  • 79 degrees and sunny for one of us
  • Finally, as noted in the comments for the post below, Benji Orlansky has made the leap into blogging. You can find him at http://www.indieleague.blogspot.com/. Jaybro, where y'at?


Jaybro said...

I got nothing to say. Best of luck, chatty kathies.

Benji said...

Honestly, you think Jonny could figure out how to put up a website. He'd be better off making contributions at www.creedthoughts.gov.www\creedthoughts

Jaybro said...

Even for the internet, it's pretty shocking.

P.S. Also, a question mark belongs after that first sentence, Banjo. If you're going public, you've gotta keep the punctuation on a pretty tight leash