October 28, 2007

Live Blogging the World Series

Call me Bill Simmons. Up 3-0, we're live blogging the World Series. Thanks to FOX, we're stuck watching The Bourne Supremacy for a half hour until the game starts (much better than FOX's crappy pregame). We're not doing this blog for you, we're doing it for us. This is how our night goes:

8:15 PM EST: Some Onion links for your reading in the next fifteen minutes:
Red Sox Attempt To Break Fabled 'Curse Of Relief Pitcher Curtis Leskanic'
and World Series Flyover Turns Out To Be Full-Scale Airstrike
It's time to reverse the curse, go Sox!

8:20 PM EST: Jon Lester vs. Aaron Cook getting his first start since 10 Aug. So far no references to free tacos, but we'll keep you posted.

8:25 PM EST: Fred Willard to announce the Red Sox lineup tonight. We saw him on the Craig Ferguson Show just before the 2006 Rose Bowl, this has to be a good sign.

8:30 PM EST: And we're off...Ellsbury doubles off the second pick down the line to left. He might win rookie of the year next year.

8:35 PM EST: Ortiz singles to right, scoring Ellsbury and then Ramirez grounds into the 5-4-3 double play. After a full day of watching NFL on FOX today, we're kind of sick of the Taco Bell with the nachos bell grande and the car commercial where the girl runs into the car (or cops don't see the bank robbers). That's one time for each.

8:42 PM EST: Lester goes 1,2,3. For posterity sake we'd like to note that Texas is #15 in the newly released BCS and the Saints had a huge win over the lifeless 49ers to go to 3-4.

8:50 PM EST: Lowell grounds out followed by a JD Drew pop up to 2B, shocking for such a clutch hitter. Tek grounds out and we go to the bottom of the second. Interesting statistic, only the 2004 Red Sox have come back from a 3-0 deficit in postseason real sport history (hockey doesn't count).

8:57 PM EST: Todd Helton leads off with a double in the bottom of the second. Abram is happy to see this, as he has always admired Helton. Jeff: not so much.

9:02 PM EST: Former LSU Tiger Brad Hawpe walks following a couple of outs in a row; runners at the corners, but with 2 outs it's an ok situation for the Sox.

9:05 PM EST: In a microcosm of Helton's career, the Rockies waste his big hit as Torrealba grounds out to former Jackson General Julio Lugo.

9:06 PM EST: Rather than watch the Virgicolomentoflagantonio commercial again, here's a quick tour around the internet and television:

  • On ESPN.com, you can watch Trinity College's multi-lateral play to beat the Millsaps Majors. One of us has had many friends play for Millspaps over the years, and they always wanted on ESPN--just not like this. And, a kid who grew up close friends with jaybro was on the play-by-play on this clip, and if we may say so, did a darn fine job.
  • ESPN Classic is showing Major League
  • On ESPN, Southern Miss is losing 14-10 to UCF
  • The Bourne Supremacy is on NBC
  • Red Sox-Rockies is still on FOX, Bottom 3, still 1-0 Boston

9:16 PM EST: Cancer survivors thrown out by Rockies fielders: 1. Cancer survivors thrown out by Red Sox fielders: 0. Bastards.

9:20 PM EST: "People do crazy things in ads, like eat at Arby's." If that doesn't sum up watching an entire World Series, commercials included, nothing does. Meanwhile, Manny plays left field like the center fielder on our IM softball team junior year of college. Matsui on 2nd, one out for Lester.

9:25 PM EST: Jon Lester doesn't fear Matt Holliday. Jon Lester strikes out Tulo and Holliday to end the 3rd. To the top of the fourth, pedROYa, Papi, Manny due up.

9:29 PM EST: Papi is up with one out. The dude just looks like he is ALWAYS about to absolutely hammer the ball. Although he hasn't swung the bat yet and is now down 0-2. Also, it seems as though Ortiz's swing would not work for anyone else in the world. He has this hitch at the beginning when he loads up so much it's unreal, but his ungodly bat speed makes up for it. But this time the ungodly bat speed just gets him an ungodly pop up to short.

9:33 PM EST: Tim McCarver has just finished discussing whether the '08 or '09 Sox will be better than '04 or '07. The number of things wrong with this is beyond counting, but the main ones are: 1. Who cares? 2. How can you have any clue and why is it relevant? 3. It's a huge jinx to anoint this team as side-by-side with '04 before this game is over.

9:34 PM EST: Manny being Manny and lining out to left. A pitcher's duel for now--until the Sox explode in a couple of innings, as has been their custom.

9:40 PM EST: For your enjoyment: Manny Ramirez Escapes Murder Charges with “Manny Being Manny” Defense...Meanwhile, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner allegedly has won the Argentinian presidency, as if YOU would care. Terry Francona says Jon Lester is on a pitch count of around 180, and Julio Lou-O makes a great grab for out number two. Scary thought: Eric Gagne is the Red Sox most rested reliever.

9:42 PM EST: A-rod wins the Hank Aaron Award, but for some reason does not show up to receive it...what gives?

9:45 PM EST: Lester gets through the fourth. Top of the fifth, new post. Four down, five to play.

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