October 28, 2007

Live Blogging the World Series, Part II

8:48 PM CDT: We just realized that in the last post we should have been writing "EDT" instead of "EST." Sorry--we know we don't "fall back" until next week. This time the one of us in Central Time is starting the post, so I'm switching. Deal with it.

8:49 PM CDT: With Mike Lowell on second, JD Drew grounds out. That's weird and unexpected.

8:51 PM CDT: Varitek with a big RBI grounder through the right side. The way Lester is going thus far, that's a huge run. Just heard from Tim McCarver: "What a slide by Lowell!" Wow, Tim. However: we do love the fact that the Fox national broadcast team is made up of such a couple of Cardinals homers. But we liked Joe Buck's dad more--growing up to the tune of Jack's "That's a winner!" after Ozzie's Cards would put one away is hard to beat.

8:53 PM CDT: The Red Sox offensive onslaught may be heating up--Lugo just got the 3rd hit of the inning. Lester just needs to not ground into a DP and Ellsbury will get a chance. Francona is having Lester bunt. Don't love that move, as bunting is a lot harder than people think and for an AL pitcher who never practices it it's nearly impossible. And...there's the inevitable strikeout. That's Cook's first of the night and thus first since at least August 10.

8:57 PM CDT: Jacoby Ellsbury, who could win WS MVP this year and ROY next year (weird!) has a chance to take a big step toward the first part of that equation and put this thing comfortably in Boston's control here. Deuces wild--2 balls, 2 strikes, 2 outs...he struck him out! Cook keeps it interesting.

9:02 PM CDT: Bottom five, big inning for Lester. This feels very similar to 2004. Is anybody else kind of disturbed by the Olympics-style intro music? Speaking of which, how did Saki get chosen to host an Olympics?

9:06 PM CDT: Aaron Cook with a hell of a play to get a bunt single. Could be big if Matsui makes it bigger, which he doesn't after a pop up. Tulo up, 2 down.

9:08 PM CDT: Lowell handles a hard hit ball for the third out. We're into the 6th, 2-0 Sox. Some NFL thoughts: can you think of a trade that's screwed both teams like Schaub to the Texans? What the Pats did today was shameful and classless (52-7 over Redskins), we hope they get condemned for it, karma has a way of working its way out in situations like this. Jags versus Saints next week could determine whether the Saints are a contender or not.

9:12 PM CDT: Top 6, and Cook makes a super play on a hard-hit ball up the middle by Pedroia. Cook appears to be a heck of an athlete.

9:13 PM CDT: The Southern Miss Golden Eagles closed the gap against UCF to 24-17, but UCF is insode the USM 5. There was a time we could say with a straight face that the Eagles were the best team in Mississippi. But now State seems quasi-legit.

9:16 PM CDT: Cook handles the Sox easily in 6th, which is huge. But even huger/more huge is this: SI reports that A-Rod is leaving the Yankees! Awesome! Now we just have to hope he doesn't play for the Cubs. That'd be horrible.

9:20 PM CDT: Holliday goes quietly to start the sixth. Very Manny like play for out number two as he saunters over to make an easy grab look tough. Lester gives up a walk and is done for the night. Nicely done Rockies fans giving Jon a nice applause on the way to the bench.

9:25 PM CDT: A-rod leaving is still kind of shocking. The Yankees got 4 good years from him, but the Red Sox have been to two World Series during that span. Our favorite potential locations for A-rod to go -- 3) Texas Rangers, 2) Seattle Mariners, and 1) Washington Nationals. Go Nats!

9:28 PM CDT: Delcarmen comes in and gets the strike out. Huge. There are nine outs for each squad left in a regular nine inning baseball game, just saying.

9:32 PM CDT: Mike Lowell chases Aaron Cook with a classic Coors Field blast that seemed like it was travelling through very thin mountain air. Wait...
The Rockies are still within striking distance, but with Former Good Pitcher Eric Gagne and Ridiculous Closer Man Jonathan Papelbon coming up the game is beginning to take on an air of inevitability.

9:38 PM CDT: Remember earlier when we said David Ortiz has ungodly bat speed? When JD drew strikes out by getting fooled on a curveball, like he just did, his bat speed is embarrassingly slow.

9:39 PM CDT: "This World Series Legend is brought to you by I am Legend starring Will Smith." Nice, Fox. Nice, Major League Baseball. The 7th inning stretch has arrived, and of course we need to not go to commercial so we can hear God Bless America. Because Take Me Out to the Ballgame does not show enough overt and conspicuous patriotism. However, it is hilarious when the Rockies fans cheer for "from the mountains..."

9:46 PM CDT: Here we go, nine outs left, Delcarmen facing Brad Hawpe from LSU.

9:49 PM CDT: Abram says "Former tiger Brad Hawpe has been not great in the WS" moments before former Tiger Brad Hawpe skies a home run to right. 3-1 Red Sox with Delcarmen struggling.

9:53 PM CDT: The Rockies fans waive their towels hypnotically as Timlin comes into the game, man on first, one out.

9:58 PM CDT: Timlin gets Matsui swinging, two outs. If you just heard a collective scream it was Red Sox Nation getting a look at Eric Gagne warming up in the bullpen.

10:02 PM CDT: Holliday is left in the on deck circle as Timlin strikes out Tulo. Most importantly, no Gagne yet. We go to the top of the eighth, 3-1 Bo Sox.

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