May 21, 2007

A Great Time to be a Longhorn

First, we readily admit that this is a classic offseason thing to notice. But, we're noticing it anyway. The thought shot from the back of our minds to the front of our blog during a recent round of golf with an Alabama fan. Our initial conversation was born when he saw our Longhorn head covers, golf towel, and divot-repair tool. The exchange went like this:

Bama Guy: Texas fan, huh?

Us: Yeah; what tipped you off?

Bama guy: Well, it's a good school to pull for; they win a lot, and do it with class.

This level of respect from a total, non-conference outsider got us thinking actively again: we are a lucky bunch of fans. We are blessed to have three classy winners as coaches in the three biggest sports. The combination of Mack Brown, Rick Barnes, and Augie Garrido is enough to make almost any American university jealous. These guys generally bring in good kids, good athletes, and win the right way. They run high-profile programs in a manner that can make us proud that they are the most recognizable faces of The University. So the next time one of the Horns' ball teams is in the middle of a sub-par season, don't get sucked in by some of our more hotheaded brethren who are calling for firings. Instead, remember: this guy is our coach, and if we continue to trust him he'll bring us a winner next year. Enjoy these men. It won't last forever, folks.


Peter Bean said...

And a hat tip to Deloss Dodds, no?

WAO said...

That's an excellent point; Deloss and everyone else in the administration who's had something to do with these hires definitely deserve their share of the credit for the current coaching renaissance we're enjoying.

Scott said...

I woud also like to add two more names to this list of class act coaches...

1) Eddie Reese- best coach in US swimming and a total down to earth guy. Plus he employs a WSHS grad in Kris Kubik who also deserves to be on this list.

2) Jody Conradt- i know that she resigned this year, but she is a total class act who did nothing but great things for the Horns including leading the Horns to a NC with a undefeated record (the first in Ladies hoops, and a feat that took over 10 years to match).

Benjamin said...

I'd also like to add Romance Taylor, Tarell Brown, and Ricky Williams to the list of exceptions to the "good kids" claim.

WAO said...

That's why i used the word "generally." But, you're right. Except Ricky was a good kid in college.