May 19, 2007

Offseason Caption Contest #9 Reminder

Just a reminder that the caption contest deadline is tomorrow night. We still don't have a commenter recognizing this mug shot. An extra point will still be awarded to the first commenter who correctly identifies the alleged criminal in question. Seriously, nobody knows who this is? There is only one more caption contest to go after this one so caption up.

Contest #8 was won by Jonathan Brater with an entry: "Um, excuse me guys, I think you spelled my name wrong on this thing. "By Default" is not my middle name..."

Caption Contest Standings:
Ben Dorfman -- 2
Jonathan Brater -- 2
Scott Price -- 1
Greg Kelminson -- 1
Benjamin Orlansky --1
Jonny Orlansky -- 1


Ellie's bitch said...

I can't believe those assholes shaved my eyebrows...Whatever, I'm glad their dead - let that be a lesson.

ben said...

Statement? Yeah I got a statement. To quote Kanye West, "I can't complain what an accident did to my left eye, cause look what an accident did to Left Eye." Bitches.

Scott said...

"Who knew Gov. Perry was serious whenhe said that he would shave my eyebrows if I told one more dumb Aggie joke."

Scott said...

"Since when was making love to a sheep illegal?"

JBRATER said...

"Deputy, are you sure this is Tom Delay? He looks taller on tv."

greg said...

That's the last time I get Botox

Jonny O. said...

"I don't know who I am either."