May 9, 2007

Offseason Caption Contest #8

Congratulations to Ben Dorfman, who took a commanding Caption Contest lead at 2 to 1 to 1 to 1 to 1 to 1 with his Contest #7 entry, "Wait, I'm confused. Which is my rifle and which is my gun?"

Classic. Special appreciation as well to Jonny Orlansky and Benjamin Orlansky for stellar efforts. For Contest #8 (through Sunday), give us your thoughts on Jason White looking as puzzled as anyone else about winning college football's "most prestigious" trophy before getting walloped by LSU for the National Championship:
Caption Contest Standings:
Ben Dorfman -- 2
Jonathan Brater -- 1
Scott Price -- 1
Greg Kelminson -- 1
Benjamin Orlansky --1
Jonny Orlansky -- 1


JBRATER said...

Um, excuse me guys, I think you spelled my name wrong on this thing. "By Default" is not my middle name...

greg said...

I like to thank my mother and my father, my trailer, my girlfriend/sister Ginnie, and of course Big Red Car dealership in Norman. That counts as work right?

ben said...

Take a good look, world. This is one of the last times you'll ever see me. Although you'll see this trophy again in a few years. On eBay. Don't judge me.

Scott said...

With this trophy I can now legally get away with the following:

-sucking/ not playing in the NFL
-taking money while in college
-killing me ex-wife and her lover
-smoking a shit load of pot

Hey, at least, I get a free trip to New York every December.