May 10, 2007

A Post with Bullet Points!

  • The World Champions managed to score more than 3 runs for the first time in 10 games on Tuesday, beating the Rockies 4-1. They then matched their best win streak in recent memory at 2 in a row by winning 9-2 on Wednesday. If only the Cards could play the Astros and Rockies exclusively until September, they could be right around .500 when it's all said and/or done.
  • Michael Vick has dog fights in his house? WHAT?! The jury has been out on Vick for quite some time, but we are now essentially convinced that the dude is just weird, and that's it.
  • Apparently, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is doing something noteworthy at some point in the future. This is interesting only because it has taken valuable space on sports pages that should be reserved for sports.
  • BoSox manager Terry Francona has publicly asked both David Ortiz and Curt Schilling, and by extension the whole team, to shut up in public on the Barry Bonds homerun/steroids/jerk issue. While we generally agree that Bonds is not the type of guy we're going to tell our kids about and get nostalgic one day, we also applaud Francona for telling his players to act like players, not fans. Especially when one of them is factually incorrect in what he's saying.
  • If you're not watching Burnt Orange Nation's daily countdown to Texas football season...start now! It'll quickly become one of the best parts of your day. Or the very best, depending on your quality of life at the moment.

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