May 10, 2007

One Last Dig At Pete Prisco

We won't promise this will be our last critique of Pete Prisco, but it will be our last critique of Prisco this week....or maybe not. We recently read Pete's first NFL power rankings of the year, which somewhat understandably had the Tennessee Titans ranked #29. The Titans may have lost their run game in Travis Henry, VY lost his receivers, and we all know about Pacman Jones. It's not much of a stretch to imagine the Titans not having as much success next year, but Pete went too far when he said:
Vince Young played well, but not nearly as well as the hype.

That's absolutely insane. VY went 8-5 as a starter on a squad that may have been the worst team in the NFL in September. He set a rookie record for rushing yards and nearly led the Titans to the playoffs. For Pete Prisco to say a guy he thought was "years away" from even playing was anything but brilliant is sheer lunacy.

It's nice to see we're not alone in our belief that Pete Prisco sucks. The good people over at Cold, Hard Football Facts have apparently been mocking Prisco's take on the NFL Draft for years. Their yearly report can be seen here, and they provide the extraordinarily detailed scorecard that we've always wanted to create. CHFF suggests that there are Pete's work:

1) He doesn't write that good (seeing how we don't either, we'll forgive him for that one)
2) He gets simple facts wrong
3) He constantly overrates the Trojans (6 of 8 Trojans drafted in 2006 were the "Best Pick" of their respective teams)
4) He has a limited vocabulary
5) His crystal ball doesn't work so well.

It is also worth mentioning that CHFF predicted a Texas victory before the 2006 Rose Bowl, and called VY's 2006 year the "greatest year ever for a college-to-pro quarterback." Their site is highly recommended for an alternative look at the world of football.

Here's to CHFF! Keep up the great work.


Jay said...

Here are some stats from Vince's rookie year.
QB rating: 66.7
TD/INT: 12/13
Completion%: 51.5
Y/A: 6.2

And I believe you meant to say he set a rookie rushing record from the QB position. Because we all know that the key to success. coughVickcough

Bob said...

Here are some stats from Vince's rookie year.

He led a team that neither Tom Brady nor Peyton Manning could have taken to five wins to 8 wins, and almost took the worst-looking team in September to the playoffs.

But hey, he's black and fast, so you must be right, he's just like coughVickcough... that's what you meant, right??? Cause if you really think they're very similar otherwise, you don't know squat about football and you don't know squat about either of those guys... So I don't know, are you ignorant, or just racist?