May 9, 2007

'Sugar & Spice' meets 'Man of the House'?

Do you know this girl? She clearly has tons of school spirit (Hook 'em!). She seems to have a pretty smile. She also has a handful of unmarked $20 bills and the attention of the Austin Police Department.

It turns out our blond friend recently robbed an Austin Wachovia Bank branch, getting away with an undisclosed amount of cash. There is no proof that the perp is a cheerleader, but c'mon...School spirit, roughly 5 feet tall, blond hair, blue eyes, about 115 pounds? If we were running the investigation, here or here is the first place we'd look.


Scott said...

I am going to defend this blone broad. I do not believe that she is a member of either the Texas Pom or Cheer Squads. The fact is that you are basing your decision on her wardrobe and ponytail. During my 4 years on the 40 acres, I saw many of girls who fit this desciption. I also had class with members of the squads that you are accusing her of being a part of, and they like all members in the athletic department wear their team apparel. What I mean is that she would prob. be wearing something that said Texas Cheer or Pom. It is one of the unofficial rules of The University that all athletes must wear clothing that promotes their sport as well items that cannot be found at the Coop or Longhorn, Ltd. If I were a betting man, I would think she would be part of Texas Dance.

greg said...

I know Brittany Lee when I see her. Sam does that look like our old neighbor/your cousin.