May 15, 2007

The Kevin Durant Mock Draft

We are now exactly one week to go until the NBA Draft Lottery on May 22nd. Just as all true Longhorn fans became interested in the Titans when Vince Young was drafted by the Titans, we expect that Horn fans will follow KD's team when he is drafted. The question we wanted to answer, therefore, was this: What team does the average Longhorn fan want to see draft Kevin Durant? In other words, which NBA team do Texas fans want to support for years to come? All too often we see mock drafts which decide which teams will want a certain player, but we wanted to find out which teams would be best for the NBA's next big thing.

To complete this project, we held the Kevin Durant NBA Team Mock Draft. 14 lottery teams meant 2 rounds of 7 drafters. We asked seven of the web's biggest Longhorn fans to serve as the drafters. Or, at least, seven of the web's biggest Longhorn fans that also fit the other key criteria: we have their email addresses.

The order was as follows:
1) Ben D. -- Of Manifest Destiny fame
2) Peter -- The king of UT blogs...Burnt Orange Nation
3) Ziggy -- Funniest person in Memphis
4) Micah -- If only the Hawks were as good as their blog.
5) Greg -- No blog, but he is on Facebook...
6) Jeff -- The looks and brains behind 40 Acre Sports
7) Abram -- The beard behind 40 Acre Sports

We, therefore, begin the Kevin Durant Mock Draft...And with the first pick in the Kevin Durant Mock Draft, Ben Dorfman selects NOOCH!

Wow, the first pick in the draft. I'd be more excited if I actually got to stand on stage with david stern wearing a 17 button suit and a NOOCH hat, but this is still pretty good. and for the record, i know that NOOCH is no longer, i just like saying NOOCH. who doesn't like saying NOOCH? NOOCH!

Anyway, being a longhorn fan is serious business. you have to be committed. i'm moving to atlanta in a few weeks, and my new apartment is on durant street. that's no lie, i'm really going to be living on durant street. the kid's got talent, there's no way around it, but is he really worthy of all this love and affection being being bestowed upon him? he had a phenomenal, unprecedented freshman season, he was the anchor of one of the three teams that really put Big 12 basketball on the map this year, and he won so many awards that he's renting space in lebron's house to store them all until he can build a mcmansion of his own. but as far as his longhorn status is concerned, in my opinion, he's no brad buckman. blame the system, though, not the kid. i'd have left school if somebody offered me $500 and a spicy chicken combo at wendy's.

So, i wasn't really sure how to play this one. i debated the "good luck in atlanta, we're all pulling for you!!" route, but it felt a little contrived, and i didn't want to steal micah's thunder. i also debated the "screw you, durant, enjoy your time in portland," but i'm not a vengeful person, and again, you can't blame the kid for taking his game somewhere he can make the money for himself and enjoy life to the fullest. it's that enjoying life to the fullest part that led me to NOOCH. nowhere in the league is there more fun to be had than in new orleans, and with kevin durant leading the way (now that the pain of the baron davis loss is sure to be felt city-wide), he can have fun and be the biggest star on the local hardwood. it could also be nothing but good for the city to have a genuine nice kid to focus on, now that we all know reggie bush is a punk.


Adam said...

This is clever. But I have to disagree with the basic premise. While Durant is a transcendental player, you cannot compare his impact on Texas basketball to VY's impact on Texas football. I could expand on this argument, but I'll suffice it to say this: one gave us an undisputed national championship, the other took us to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament. If Horn fans want to choose an NBA team based on former Texas players, I highly recommend TJ Ford's Toronto Raptors. He is one of the main catalysts on this up and coming team and, as I'm sure you'll remember, delivered Longhorns fan an amazing run through San Antonio to the Final Four.

p.s. thanks for telling me about your blog, jackasses

JMA said...

The comparison is obviously imperfect, but there are enough similarities to make it valid. The main similarity is that both are generational players. We are unlikely to see anybody like KD or VY at Texas any time soon.

The point is not to compare VY with KD, but rather to point out that both were great at Texas and both will be superstars in their respective leagues. As great as TJ is, he probably will not be the NBA superstar that KD can become. As such, many Lonhorn fans will intensely support KD wherever he goes.

Each Longhorn fan will support KD at his/her own level, which I suspect will be related to how closely he/she already follows an NBA team.

P.S. welcome to the blog

ben said...

are you calling me a she?

WAO said...

Adam! I told you about it. Just, you know, late.

JBRATER said...

If 13 NBA Gms develop brain tumors and KD drops to 15th, I will select the Detroit Pistons with the 15th pick.

Frontcourt of sheed, prince, and durant?


Of course, in 2003, we could have had Melo. Or Bosh. Or Wade. Or Heinrich.