May 8, 2007

This Week's Sign that Skip Bayless Has No Soul

Skip Bayless has done it again. It has come to our attention that on "First and 10" last week, Skip suggested that Tony La Russa had "set the stage" for Josh Hancock's DUI-related death by committing the same offense during spring training.

There is no question that La Russa exercised poor judgment and made a huge mistake with his actions in Florida. However, the idea of publicly laying blame on a man for the death of another person--especially one whom La Russa cared a lot about--is beyond Bayless's normal buffoonery. That crosses the line into the realm of irresponsible. Most people in the media understand the power of their words, but Skip has proven here that he is incapable of distinguishing between thought-provoking commentary and abandoning human decency.


Peter Bean said...

Wow. Just wow.

WAO said...

I know. Unreal, isn't it?

Benjamin said...

Today I watched Skip debate against Jemele Hill and my skull collapsed into itself due to the display of stupidity. Hill was arguing that the Cavs-Nets series lacked any level of intrigue -- in spite of it featuring three future Hall Of Famers plus Kidd coming off of a series in which he averaged a triple double -- adding that there wasn't enough bloodshed in the first game. Skip, as is his custom, screamed and flailed his limbs like a filly and discredited her argument not with strong bulleted points, but with the following statement: "There's a reason that the E in ESPN doesn't stand for estrogen." I was dumbfounded. I couldn't tell if the blatant misogyny was awesome or offensive. Regardless, wildly inappropriate.

Even better than Bayless' shocking display of insensitivity over the La Russa issue was Pat McEnroe's dumbfounded look after the comment. I was disappointed, though, that he didn't call him out.

WAO said...

It is my duty here to cite that Benjamin, otherwise known as "Baby Bro," was my source on the original story about Skip's La Russa comment.

Benj: welcome back from your skull-collapsing scare.

tgreen said...

Even though I was never a fan of Cold Pizza on ESPN, I did watch it from time-to-time. Now, though, I have stopped watching it completely. Bayless is a pencil-necked, narcissist whose self-importance is matched by few. He is so out of touch with reality that the nonsense he spews is laughable. I don’t know whether I’d like to kick him in the nuts (assuming he has a pair) or get him some psychiatric treatment for his God-complex (or do both)? The real question, however, that should be answered is: Who is he blowing to continue to remain on the ESPN payroll?