May 11, 2007

Your Morning Offseason Random College Football "News" Story

For years, Tulane fans (yes, Tulane fans) have historically had two ways of classifying their coaches: Tommy Bowden good and Buddy Teevens bad. Bowden, of course, led the Green Wave to some of the greenest pastures they have seen since at least the Tulane teams between 1970 and 1972. Teevens, on the other hand, somehow conned Tulane into a head coaching position. Buddy replaced Greg Davis in 1992 and responded with an 11-45 record between 1992 and 1996. The Buddy System was a failure in New Orleans and Buddy somehow translated that failure into more failure at Stanford (10-23 between 2002 and 2004).

Apparently being fired by two of the worst non-BCS and BCS Division I football schools made Teevens an attractive candidate for the Dartmouth (his alma mater) head coaching position. Teevens has stayed true to his coaching standards, leading the Big Green to a combined 4-15 record over his first two years. What would be the real world equivalent of being fired by Tulane, Stanford and Dartmouth?

The reason we weave this sad tale now is that apparently the Buddy System is back in the (offseason) news. Buddy is planning to ride across America in his bike during the month of May. Buddy may even use the trek to visit potential recruits. Imagine a sweaty 50 year old coach showing up at your high school with only his bike and a 25-83 record over the last 15 years. That ought to get the program rolling. Gotta love The Buddy System.

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