May 1, 2007

On MLB, NBA Playoffs and Texas Longhorns

Now that we're settled back into full off season mode, it's time to take a look at the rest of the sports world.
On the MLB front...

The Red Sox will take a break from beating the Yankees to play a non-AL East opponent for a few games. The Yanks may be 9-14, but if we've learned one thing over the last decade it's that Torre will get the Yankees into the playoffs. It would be nice to think somebody else can win that division, but it ain't happening.

Additionally, last night the Tigers and Orioles took one step closer to being the most vicious rivalry in all of sports. Baltimore and Detroit seem to be becoming natural enemies like Scots and other Scots.

Damned Scots! They ruined Scotland!

On the NBA front...

Big shot Bob is just that, the Wizards were easy targets without Agent Zero, the Raptors aren't relying on TJ enough, D-Wade is a pansy, Kobe clearly isn't taking enough shots, Rockets fans would probably trade it all for VY, apparently German people have no heart, and we've already met our quota for Detroit reference in a post so there's no need for another.

On the Horns front...

Austin Wood was named Big XII pitcher of the week after picking up victories on Tuesday and Sunday. Additionally, since moving to the lead off spot, Jordan Danks has been struggling, to the point where he was moved to the 7th spot on Sunday. Finally, 40 Acre Sports will be beginning to scout out the Texas Longhorn football schedule. Over the next few weeks we hope to bring you detailed analysis and information on the 2007 football season to the point where the season is so boring and predictable for our readers that they may prefer not to watch the games.

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