May 8, 2007

That's Just Awesome

Our favorite football coach meets our second favorite football coach, and it's featured on our favorite website!?! We would have killed to have been a fly on the wall during this meeting. You can read the whole interview with Sean Payton on here.

Our favorite response from Payton came to the question about what are his impressions of Texas and Mack Brown?

"He has done a great job. I have heard a lot of great things about coach and you could see his impact immediately with the recruiting and the players he was bringing in and with his coaching staff and what they have been able to accomplish. A National Championship. All of the reasons why he was brought here and he has delivered. It's special and a good place."

Awesome, only 115 days until football starts again!


Samuel said...

Can you please hurry football season up?

WAO said...


I know I speak for Jeff as well when I say that we wish we could help you with that. But unfortunately, that is beyond our powers. We are but men.

Anonymous said...

so which one's your favorite, and which is your second favorite?

Anonymous said...

"Our" favorite and second favorite? I know that we all love Texas, and those who do not are going to rot in hell. But who says that we all love the Saints?

JMA said...

The Saints are America's team, haven't you heard? Don't you love America?

WAO said...

In answer to the question of which is our favorite and which our second favorite:

Mack has been at Texas for over a decade and has brought us a National Championship, and a Second Coming (or, in our own theology, First Coming). Sean Payton provided an extremely important and therapeutic season for New Orleans. But it was one season. And we love college football more. Mack is number 1.