May 6, 2007

Offseason Caption Contest #7

We're almost embarrassed that this picture hasn't been used yet. This one should be like shooting fish in a barrel. Jonny Orlansky was deemed winner of the Ramonce Taylor caption contest, with special appreciation to Barry Pelz for a top-notch entry.
Caption Contest Standings:
Jonathan Brater -- 1
Scott Price -- 1
Ben Dorfman -- 1
Greg Kelminson -- 1
Benjamin Orlansky -- 1
Jonny Orlansky -- 1


Scott said...

"Please not the sheep treatment"

greg said...

Guy #1: I still don't think this will distract Vince Young guys.
Guy #2: Just shut up, grab your crotch and yell into my ear.

Jaybro said...

Aggie in row 23, column 17: "I gotta be me! I just gotta be me!"

CaptainFavrelous said...

I've got two:

1. Over-under on how many sheep are about to get railed...

2. While UT students continue to protest the war in Iraq, A & M yell leaders (and ROTC participants) prepare for combat.

--with apologies to and respect for BWS and the entire UT ROTC program

ben said...

Wait, I'm confused. Which is my rifle and which is my gun?

ben said...

Look alive, men. I think I just saw Brady Quinn.

Benjamin said...

"Alright, I'm going to need all of you to lean forward, grab your genitals and cough. Yeah, just as I suspected: You all have sheep AIDS."

Scott said...

1) Grab Crotch for last time. check

2) Elephant walk to pasture.

3) Unzip pants for sheep.