June 14, 2007

Box Score Of The Day -- June 14th

There are 79 days left in the offseason. Some places are giving you countdowns with pictures, we're going to give you a box score. Every day. Until football starts. Each will be a victory from a team we support, each will hopefully remind all of us about a time when stuff was happening and life wasn't so boring.

Today's box score: Texas 41, USC 38

Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
Texas............... 0 16 7 18 - 41
USC................. 7 3 14 14 - 38


JBRATER said...


Oooooh. The score by quarters. I am so pumped right now.

JMA said...

Would this have been better?

JBRATER said...

At first this upset me, but then I read the "scoring by quarters" and saw that michigan outscored usc by 2 in the fourth quarter. That made me feel way beter. Keep it coming!