June 7, 2007

Think They're Talking About Us?

As if our congrats mean anything to the giants at Every Day Should Be Saturday, we wanted to offer them up regardless. This column entitled "BANDWAGON FAN CAN'T WAIT TO ROOT FOR YOUR TEAM" may be the greatest thing ever written. Included is a Matthew McConaughey dig, some LSU info, and a picture of the crying OU boy. All that was needed was a link to this post to be complete. Enjoy!


Orson Swindle said...

They're always nice, no matter who the congratulations are coming from. Thanks.

Jay said...

Hey, are we not going to get a post about how Kevin Durant was the only NBA combine participant unable to bench 185 lbs.?

I was really hoping to hear the "he has really long arms" defense again.

JMA said...

To paraphrase Rick Barnes, if Kevin isn't happy with his bench press result, he should pull out of the draft and come back to UT so he can work on it.