June 11, 2007

Something To Read Instead Of Stealing A Car

Finding things to write about during this lull in the offseason has been...a bit challenging. In case you haven't heard, Texas safety Robert Joseph was arrested for getting caught in somebody else's car, running away, then getting in a third guy's car.

More bad karma is following the Horns as former Horn Shaun Rogers is under investigation for touching a stripper "inappropriately." Finally, Michigan, one of the two college baseball teams that we've been cheering for, was bounced from the postseason by Oregon State.

Clearly you need something to cheer you up, and the fact that football doesn't start for 81 days isn't helping. It's too soon to start our Texas football preview and too boring to discuss the NBA Finals. We present to you, therefore, arguably the worst college football preseason article ever written: "Texas-sized snubs won't slow McNeal" by Matt Hayes of The Sporting News. Enjoy.

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