June 24, 2007

Cards Lose Again

"What? But the Cardinals won yesterday!" You might be thinking to yourself. Or perhaps "Now that I have read the first line of the post, I know that the Cardinals won yesterday and the heading makes no sense." Either way, the headline is about today's 1:15 PM game against Philadelphia, which has not yet taken place.

Call it prescience if you wish. Or, more accurately, you could just call it complaining. But we would like to note that, assuming the Cardinals do lose today, you heard it here first! How do we know that the Cardinals are going to lose today?

Kip Wells: Bad Pitcher, or The Worst Pitcher?

Kip Wells is pitching. That's how. Kip did earn a win the other night in relief, which is encouraging until you realize two important facts:
1. Wins and Losses by a pitcher is the most overrated, useless stat in baseball
2. He's starting today. The Cardinals lose when Kip Wells starts.

But hey, we've been wrong before. Maybe the Champions will manage to score 16 runs off the Phillies' Cole Hamels and his 3.82 ERA.


Ben said...

So while I agree with your assessment of the situation, I find it mired in a bit of pessimism. I think we should be saying, Hey, we're World Champs, and every once in a while, Dave Duncan doesn't get it right. Seriously though, World Champs, that's fucking awesome. I still get giddy everytime I think about it.

WAO said...

Look, I agree. I admitted that this was just pointless complaining. And, as I write this, the Cards have, indeed, lost the game, but through no fault of Wells'. He pitched pretty well for 5 innings today.

JBRATER said...

Dude, you've got Mike Maroth! Chin up!

(I'm only being partially sarcastic- I actually think he'll be very good and help you a lot. but the fact that mike maroth will help you a lot is kind of pathetic.)

p.s. stat you will enjoy:

Tigers vs. NL in regular season, 2006-2007: 29-7

Tigers vs. NL in 2006 postseason: 1-4.

Go Tigers!