June 8, 2007

MLB Draft -- UPDATE 6/8

Texas baseball fans looking for some good news got some today as not a single Horn or Horn recruit (that we know of) was drafted in the first three rounds. Kyle Russell was the first Horn drafted in the fourth round by St. Louis. Bradley Suttle was the only other Horn drafted in the first four rounds, taken by the Yankees with the last pick of the fourth. Both Suttle and Russell are draft eligible sophomores who have extra leverage to come back for two more years. It wouldn't be inconceivable to see both back in burnt orange next season. Texas baseball could be salty next season, especially if the starting pitching returns. Then again, a tough bracket, tough luck and bad play can end a great season very quickly.

Randy Boone -- drafted 235 to Blue Jays (7th round)
Adrian Alaniz -- drafted 250 to Nationals (8th round)
James Russell -- drafted 427 to Cubs (14th round)
Joseph Krebs -- drafted 439 to Reds (14th round)
Chance Wheeless -- drafted 523 to Diamondbacks (17th round)
Nick Peoples -- drafted 592 to Cardinals (19th round)
Preston Clark -- drafted 995 to Cubs (33rd round)
Kenn Kasparek -- drafted 1027 to Nationals (34th round)

Additionally, the following Texas recruits were drafted:
Brandon Workman -- drafted 107 to Phillies (3rd round)
Runey Davis -- drafted 338 to Pirates (11th round)
Kevin Keyes -- drafted 800 to Rangers (26th round)

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