June 28, 2007


We love Kevin Durant. He won every award imaginable. He probably deserves to have his jersey retired, as apparently UT officials are discussing doing.
Although no official word is expected for months, UT officials are discussing plans to retire Kevin Durant's No. 35 jersey, possibly as early as next season.

That having been said, why are we discussing the retirement of KD's jersey and not Vince Young's? We know UT's "official" policy of only retiring the jersey's of those players who win player of the year awards. Each year the Maxwell Award is given to: The College Player of the Year. You can read it here on their website. TJ deserved it, Ricky deserved it, Earl deserved it, KD will have earned it, but VY has arguably done more for Texas football than any other Longhorn since James Street. It's time to retire #10.

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