June 5, 2007

Summer Look Ahead

The baseball season has been over for less than 48 hours, and we feel it's important to move on. We present for you, therefore, your summer schedule of important dates and occurrences on this blog and beyond.

Let the summer of George begin!

June 8th:

  • MLB Draft, will Kyle Russell, Adrian Alaniz or James Russell stick around?
  • Ocean's 13 released

June 15th:

  • Nancy Drew released, will we see you there?
  • Something called the College World Series begins sans Texas :(

June 27th:

  • Live Free Or Die Hard released, can it top Nancy Drew?

June 28th:

  • NBA Draft, will Kevin Durant really be asked to pay for part of a new arena?

Late June:

  • 40 Acre Sports will begin its football season preview, does a watched pot really never boil?

July 4th:

  • Happy 231st (or something like that) b-day America

July 10th:

  • MLB All Star Game, 'insert Peter Bean Barry Bonds defense here'

July 13th:

  • Harry Potter released, we probably won't see that one
  • The Yankees will (hopefully) be eliminated from contention, although in all likelihood they will have passed the Red Sox in the standings by now

July 20th:

  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry is released, one of us has a cousin in the movie and will be expecting the red carpet treatment
  • Lindsay Lohan playing a stripper probably still won't be enough to get us to see I Know Who Killed Me

July 27th:

  • The Simpsons Movie, 'Tramapoline! Trampopoline!'

Late July:

  • NFL training camp begins, will Robert Meachem ever see the field? Was the Dolphins passing on Drew Brees and trade for Dante Culpeper the worst offseason move ever?

Early August:

  • Texas football summer practice hits full swing, what will Henry Melton do next?

August 3:

  • The Bourne Ultimatum released

August 10:

  • Rush Hour 3 released, will there be an Entourage promo in this movie?

September 1:

  • Life begins anew, Texas v. Arkansas state...our summer of movies, baseball and football practice mercifully ends

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