June 14, 2007

A Rant on Kip Wells

We don't spend much time at the computer these days, as you may have noticed. With summer camp just getting into full swing and dealing with things as they come up, this just isn't a great season for blogging. Which works out nicely, since it's the off-season. But here's the problem: when we do look online for our quick sports fix, we want good news. And on nights when Kip Wells pitches, there's no hope of that.

If you want true, knowledgeable analysis of the Cards' young arms in the farm system, you'll need to visit Viva el Birdos. But we're just saying: there's got to be SOMEONE who might possibly, one day, maybe be a decent major league pitcher in Memphis right now. As this is going up on the blog, the World Champions trail 9-4 after two (2) innings at Kansas City. In case you're having trouble, that's nine runs in two innings for the Royals. The Royals. Yes, the Royals. After climbing back into the race in what is clearly baseball's worst division, the Champs are staring right in the face of losing 2-of-3 against the cross-state bums on I-70. When you are trying to get back into a race that you've woefully failed to sniff for most of the season, you have simply got to beat the bad teams and steal some from the good. The Cardinals can't even beat a bad one this week. And would you like to know why?

You guessed it! Kip Wells. Kip started tonight's ballgame and didn't make it out of the 2nd. The Royals scored 8 runs in the bottom half of the second. Mind you, St. Louis already has 4 runs through two frames. That's pretty good, if Roger Clemens' wife--or someone half as talented--is pitching. But with Wells on the mound, any run total under three digits is unsafe. The fact is, Wells now has 10 losses on the season, and unless the bats and bullpen bail him out tonight will make 11. He was the only pickup in a dreadful off-season, but it's time to cut your losses. Someone pitching for the Memphis Redbirds must be ready for at least a few starts until Mulder and/or Carpenter are ready. Yes, the 'Birds are 29-39 and last in their Triple-A division. Yes, they just got swept by Nashville. But there are 2 guys on the Memphis roster--Anthony Reyes and Randy Kiesler--who have at least thrown one decent game at the big league level this year. Anything would be better than a guaranteed loss every 5 days with Wells.

*NOTE: In the time it took to type this post, St. Louis posted 2 in the top of the 3rd to pull within 9-6. Even if they don't end up totally embarrassed tonight--heck, even if they somehow win--our stance on Kip Wells is unchanging. Kip Wells?! Come on.

** FINAL NOTE: Cards lose 17-8, nice to see Alex Gordon over .200...?


Daddyeaux said...

Can't believe you got this comment up so quick, but I came over here after getting disgusted with the Cards game. As much as I hate to challenge the job security of a new father, I must agree with your analysis. Hell, the guy's aleady been paid more to lose eleven games than most of us will make in a decade, anyway.

WAO said...

Exactly. Nobody in Kip's tax bracket gets to complain about getting fired for doing a terrible job, new kid or not.