June 30, 2007

A Very Cool Overlooked NBA Draft Fact

As we have mentioned before, we also like to follow LSU sports (one of us admittedly much more than the other). So it is very awesome, and has heretofore gone unnoticed, that Glen "Big Baby" Davis went to Seattle in the draft along with KD.

Two of our favorite players from our two favorite schools will now be teammates. Go Sonics!

NOTE: We apparently missed the fact that Big Baby was traded to Boston. A nice consolation prize for Bill Simmons we suppose.


David said...

Here's my question about or beloved Big Babe: If he continues playing basketball for, say, the next 15 years, and his weight fluctuations continue as they have, will we still be able to call a man entering his late thirties whose face resembles Droopy Dog "Big Baby?"

Also, Simmons is really excited about him going to Boston, which I think is probably the kiss of death. Not that he's ever wrong about the NBA or anything. After all, it's clear that Emeka Okafor is turning out to be a better pro than Dwight Howard, right?

WAO said...

Yeah. News travels slowly to Utica. Thanks for the correction, Jeff.