June 28, 2007

Box Score Of The Day -- June 28th

Today's the NBA Draft, TJ Ford was drafted, so it made sense to have a TJ-related box score today. Texas vs. Baylor isn't usually the most entertaining game, but 2003 was different. Those that remember TJ's dunk that day still remember it as arguably the finest single play in recent Longhorn basketball history. TJ came from nowhere along the baseline, grabbed a missed shot off the rim with one hand above the rim, and slammed it down. One of us was there, one of us was watching on television, both of us were amazed. Today's box score: Texas 82, Baylor 71.


Adam said...

As an added bonus, this game was the site of the famous Sam Lee mustard story.

WAO said...

Indeed it was! I rather enjoyed my one--and hopefully only ever--trip to Waco.