April 12, 2007

The Chris Simms Rule

Hype starts NOW
Definition: Chris Simms...that's it. During his four years on the 40 Acres, you either hated Chris Simms or thought he wasn't so bad. He set several Longhorn records, won a ton of games and ended on a high note with a great Cotton Bowl victory versus LSU. He also never beat Oklahoma, ruined any chance for the Horns to go to the national championship game in 2001 and wasn't Major Applewhite. Those that grew up loving the Major don't like Chris. Those that liked bowl games early in bowl season loved him.

Examples: Chris Simms

ESPN Classic Reaction: Why didn't he throw to Roy Williams more? Or...why did he throw to Roy Williams there?


ben said...

those that loved bowl games early in bowl season? aren't those people called "morons?" come on man. against oklahoma, in the major's senior season, simms was battling the flu and was vomiting on the sidelines. THIS WAS ON TV!!!! yet, how many possessions did the major play? how many SNAPS did he take? zero. chris simms can go to hell.

greg said...

Does Daniel Gibson fall under this rule?

WAO said...

By definition, Daniel Gibson is not under this rule because his name is not Chris Simms. Remember, D-Gibb didn't take a position from a beloved older player.

greg said...

well he took over once Royal graduated with cheese