April 28, 2007

NFL Draft Day Thread #2

6:20 PM EST: The first round ends with the Colts taking Anthony Gonzales. More news and analysis will come in a bit. Meanwhile, the Cardinals take Alan Branch with the first pick of round 2. You don't usually get top-10 talent in the second round. We're now into the second round, Saints pick at 58. Meanwhile, Texas has beaten Oklahoma State in baseball 7-2 giving the Horns another series win.

6:39 PM EST: Robert Meachem. Obviously defense was a need, but WR was a need as well after losing Joe Horn. Our source with the Vols loves the pick, so we'll defer to that. Chris Houston might have been a reach, the run on corners came too soon (starting at #14 with Revis), and they clearly liked Meachem over Greg Olsen. The pick really solidifies the Saints as one of the top offenses in the NFL.

7:03 PM EST: Justin Blalock goes to the Falcons at #39. A solid pick there for the hated dirty birds. 3-for-3 on where we thought the Horns would go. Meanwhile, the Dolphins take BYU QB John Beck with the 40th pick. It's a great pick for Miami as we're not really sold on Quinn, and it's also certainly possible to get a solid QB in later rounds.

7:40 PM EST: We've settled into a good draft rhythm as we hit the midway point of the second round. So far the highlight of the round (and perhaps the draft) was a Keyshawn Johnson interview with Dwayne Jarrett minutes after Jarrett was drafted. The two minute interview contained at least a minute and a half of silence between the two. The Saints pick in ten spots.

8:04 PM EST: Maybe the best moment of the draft. The Jaguars pick Justin Durant. Shortly thereafter appearing on the Jags website is:
(7:56 pm)--The Jags have picked Justin Durant, a LB from Hampton. Sorry, folks, I don't know this guy.
That, folks, is expert analysis.

8:21 PM EST: Apparently the Mike Williams trade to Tennessee didn't happen. The Lions have officially shipped Williams and Josh McCown to Oakland for a 4th rounder. Randy Moss can only be a good influence on Williams. Saints up in just five more.

8:36 PM EST: We're now to pick 55. The Saints pick 58. Would love to see the Saints pick up one of: Rufus Alexander, Marcus McCauley, Daymeion Hughes, Tank Tyler or Ryan Kalil. The Saints should be picking around the top of the hour.

8:41 PM EST: Denver takes Tim Crowder. We're now 4-4 for Longhorns. The Saints pick after Philly. The guess is Marcus McCauley to the Saints.

8:47 PM EST: Philly takes Victor Abiamiri, a DE from Notre Dame, the Saints are on the clock.

8:54 PM EST: The pick is in, and...it's a trade, to the Lions. The Saints give up the 58th pick in exchange for the 66th pick and the 145th pick in the 5th round.

9:31 PM EST: We're through round 2 after 9 1/2 hours. Only one more round to go, and the Saints have two picks in this round.

9: 34 PM EST: The Saints are on the clock and should go defense. Several good players available. The guess remains Marcus McCauley, CB from Fresno State.

9:37 PM EST: The Saints pick is in, and...it is Usama Young. The good news is they went CB, the bad news is we don't know who that is. Apparently he had good workouts. Filled a position of need, and he immediately is better than Fred Thomas, which isn't saying a whole lot. The last Saints pick today is #88.


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