April 18, 2007

Kevin Durant: College Star, High Draft Pick, Patriot?

The U.S. has historically had a few ways to punish nations like Argentina, Greece or Spain when they beat us in basketball. Included in America's repetiore over time have been demands for unfair IMF debt repayment schedules, increasing tarrifs on the import of gyros and turning down Pau Gasol's seemingly endless trade requests.

It now seems that U.S. policymakers may have a new weapon at their disposal: Kevin Durant. Andy Katz is reporting on his ESPN Insider blog that Durant will be invited to try out for the U.S. basketball team in July. Seems to us that adding a guy with KD's game to a squad that won the bronze and shot just 37% from the 3-point line in last year's world championships might just break USA Basketball out of its slump.

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