April 30, 2007

Post-Draft Boredom

We are now entering that period between the NFL Draft and the start of football season with few real distractions to hold our fancy. There's the college baseball post season, but that doesn't really get going until the beginning of June. There's the NBA Playoffs, but they seem...empty without KD. The NBA draft is sometime in June, but we won't have that much interest beyond the second pick. NFL training camp gets going in July, and Texas football practices around the same time, but they aren't quite the real thing. MLB is fun and all, but the baseball regular season is a bit too low key for the hardcore sports fan craving the intense action only football and college basketball can bring.
Offseason activity possibility #214
Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, life begins anew September 1st against Arkansas State. With that in mind, feel free to use the comments feature on this post as a suggestion box for offseason 40 Acre Sports features you'd like to see.


Benjamin said...

Um, how's about Baron Davis and the Warriors being one win away from eliminating the invincible Mavericks? Steve Nash throwing up 23 dimes to complement Amare's 27/23 performance to quell the Lakers' silly thoughts that they had a chance in the series? Sudanese refugee Luol Deng burying the reigning champs in 4? Say what you will about the NBA regular season, but playoff basketball is the real deal. With likely second round matchups of the Suns and the Spurs, the Bulls and Ben Wallace's old teammates the Pistons, and Lebron vacing off against the Vinsane Nets, the playoffs look like they're just going to get better.

JBRATER said...

Amen, Benjamin. I don't see how any true sports fan could resist this year's NBA playoffs. But then again, not every true sports fan has the pistons.

Chicago and Big Benedict Arnold are going down!