April 28, 2007

NFL Draft Day 1 Round Up

As day one of the NFL Draft winds up, we too wind up our coverage at 40 Acre Sports. Below are a few awards for the day. It's been fun folks, enjoy the rest of the third round.

Best Pick: Adrian Peterson -- The best player in the draft and possibly the second best player in the draft. Maybe it's the memories of AP trouncing the Texas defense in 2004, but we'd take Peterson over Quinn any day of the week.

Best Value Pick: Leon Hall -- Brady Quinn may be the obvious choice but we'll hold off because of the uncertainty of what they gave up to grab him. Leon Hall was a top-10 talent and a great pick by Cincy.

Worst Pick: Ted Ginn Jr. -- It wasn't all that suprising when Miami passed on Quinn, but it was suprising that they took Ginn. Teddy could be a good player down the line but they passed up some serious talent to take him. They also probably bcould've traded down and still gotten Ginn.

Biggest Winner: Vikings -- Lots of teams had really solid drafts, but adding Peterson and Sydney Rice in the second round gives the Vikings a slight edge. Arizona, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo and Atlanta also did extremely well.

Biggest Loser: Eagles -- Obvious choice would probably be the Dolphins but they were redeemed in the second round with John Beck. The Eagles had no first round picks, deciding instead to trade down and pick up Houston QB Kevin Kolb. Miami, Washington, and Tennessee were not all that impressive on day 1.

Your thoughts?


ellie's Bitch said...

Oh, draft day was glorious - beer, nachos, and the commissioner announcing a name of a college player every 15 minutes. Also, I love watching Notre Dame players slide - i like that the NFL is catching on to the fact that Notre Dame is always overrated, and thus, their players.

Benjamin said...

Let it be noted that all of LSU's four day one picks went in the first round. I'm sure Buster Davis is just as surprised with that fact as Dwayne Jarett is.