April 8, 2007

Zach Johnson and more

A few hours earlier it seems we prematurely predicted a Tiger Woods victory in the Masters. The Sunday afternoon of the Masters is arguably the most enjoyable/beautiful period of television of the entire year but apparently nobody wanted to win the tournament this year. What is undeniable is that Tiger-proofing Augusta National plus extraordinarily difficult course conditions made the course far tougher this year and nearly led to the highest finishing score in the history of the tournament. Zach Johnson eventually won the whole thing and in the process tied the highest finishing score of one-over par which came in 1956. This year's tournament contrasts sharply from Tiger's 1997 tournament victory in which he shot 18-under par on the very same course.

As to Kevin Durant, the internet rumors stem from a draftexpress.com article which says that "according to multiple sources, both from the NBA and close to the player himself, Kevin Durant will be announcing in a press conference mid next week that he will be putting his name in the draft." It's not that we dispute that KD will be going pro, but the fact that no "major" news organizations have picked up on this creates doubt as the authenticity of the report...right now. If/when Kevin goes pro, Longhorn nation should wish him nothing but the best.

Finally, as the sports seasons go round and round, readers will notice that 40 Acres Sports revolves around one college team, one NFL team (the Saints) and two Major League teams (Red Sox and Cardinals) and until Kevin Durant declares pro, we'll hold out on die-hard support for an NBA team.

As far as the Red Sox go, they've started out somewhat slowly although Dice-K's spectacular debut was...spectacular. At 2-3 right now, the biggest concern may be the depth of the starting pitching. Question marks still remain for the bottom of the line-up and relief pitching but the season still looks to be in great shape. Tonight, the Red Sox try to salvage a game from the Rangers with Curt Schilling on the mound. Already Papi's gone yard twice.

You can read all about it tomorrow on Curt's blog. That's it for now, we'll be back later with a recap of the weekend that was in Longhorn baseball.


jaybro said...

Julian Wright is leaving us, proving once again that "No, dude, he really likes it here," and "He already said he was gonna stay" are phrases reserved for those poor, naive souls who refuse to learn their lesson.
This news is certainly not as devastating for Kansas as Durant's eminent departure is for Texas. We'll still have three McDonald's All-Americans and a near seven foot Russian in the post, but the status of the third national championship for the Jayhawks has unfortunately downgraded from certain to probable.

WAO said...

"certain to probable," huh? Watch out for the Memphis Tigers...