April 26, 2007


Way back when we were in school, there were a few things we knew to be true. Oklahoma sucked, Vince Young was the best player in college football history, and Jason Klotz was a mix of Ivan Drago and Connor Atchley...before Connor was Connor Atchley.

I must break you!

Additionally, there was one immutable, unchangeable certainty more rock solid than the law of gravity and theory of evolution (outside of Kansas) combined, and that was that Texas A&M did not beat Texas. Oh, sure, they would get lucky with a half court shot in basketball every once in a while, and they could have women's soccer because soccer isn't a real sport.

But over the aggregate assortment of all sports, Texas had always been and would always be king. We even had Aggy agree to an annual award confirming our dominance over them: the Lone Star Showdown. Texas cruised in the first two years of the award but this year, unbelievably, we're running into trouble.

With last night's softball loss to Aggy, Texas A&M has climbed to within a point (8 1/2 to 7 1/2) of Texas with 3 points left. Odds are we'll win Men's Outdoor Track and Field, which leaves us needing to win either Women's Outdoor Track and Field or baseball to take the cup.

It's pretty unbelievable that we've reached this point. Let us all root for both track and field and baseball to right this wrong. And we can all thank our lucky stars that meat judging wasn't included in the standings, because we'd be screwed if it was.

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