April 28, 2007

Favorite Draft Moment #1

It's draft day which means it's time to reveal our favorite NFL Draft moment. Before the 2006 Rose Bowl, it seemed destined that the Houston Texans would take Reggie Bush with their hard won first overall pick. After the Rose Bowl it seemed like they faced a difficult decision with really no wrong answer, Reggie Bush or Vince Young. The Texans choose wrong.

By selecting Mario Williams, the Texans opened the door for the first three picks of the 2006 NFL Draft to end up as our favorite draft moment. First, the Texans did the unthinkable, then the Saints followed suit by drafting Reggie Bush. Reggie is the type of exciting, transcendent, game-changing player that has NEVER gone to the Saints.

At the time, New Orleans was still reeling from Hurricane Katrina, looking for a good story wherever it could be found. Along with the signing of Drew Brees a few weeks earlier, the drafting of Reggie Bush gave New Orleanians something fresh to talk about. As famed New Orleans columnist Chris Rose wrote, "Levee failures, looting, death, destruction, murder, corruption, depression, suicide, bankruptcy -- that we can handle.
But another losing season? Oh, the horror."

Reggie arrived in New Orleans during Jazz Fest and the Zurich Classic golf tournament. During one of his first media appearances at the golf tournament, Reggie got a call from Bruce Springstein asking if he'd be able to join him on stage at Jazz Fest. That night, Reggie walked into Emeril's restaurant and received a standing ovation. For Saints fans, it was a great moment. Watch this video, you can almost make out the "doh!" coming from Houston around the 22 second mark.


CaptainFavrelous said...

Marshawn Lynch and Randy Moss??? Could be a big day in Titletown.

WAO said...

Jeff. Dude. I'm in Israel, and in my quick check, I come to find tht Favorite Draft Moment numbers one and two are essentially the same moment? It's my favorite too, but...lame.

JMA said...

You cut me deep there, dawg. Seriously, you got a better draft moment? It was two different picks, one even came the day before with Williams being signed.

WAO said...

No deep cut was intended; just wanted to hear you defend your position.

Headed to the Old City today!