April 8, 2007

Golf, Confusion, and Slim Hope

Well, the writing is on the wall. But it's on there in eraseable ink. On the same day that Kevin Durant collected the final cherry on top of his smorgasboard of National Player of the Year awards, the prestigious Wooden Award, internet chatter began to gather that KD will declare for the NBA draft in a press conference this week. The encouraging note for 'Horns fans is that no major, reputable news organization has picked up the story yet, so there's a chance that it may not be true. No matter what happens, though, it's important to remember that KD has, in one year, become a Texas legend and will have his number hanging from the Erwin Center rafters soon.

Some other short thoughts:

Tiger is in the final group in the highest-scoring Masters ever today. Is there any doubt that he's going to win this thing? It's amazing that even though he hasn't played spectacular golf this weekend, Stuart "triple-bogey" Appleby and the other leaders have insisted on putting Tiger in position to win anyway.

Sammy Sosa hit a homerun for the Rangers yesterday. Isn't that cute?

And finally, it's beginning to look like the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals may challenge the record for fewest runs scored by a defencing World Series champion in a season. Albert is hitting .067 through 5 games (that's one hit total). This is a shame. Still, though, Cards fans like this guy can bask in the glow of a WS title at least until July.

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