April 15, 2007

Offseason Caption Contest #1

Caption this photo of new Texas A&M basketball coach Mark Turgeon (left) showing some emotion as he is introduced at a press conference by athletic director Bill Byrne:


WAO said...

I suppose my answer is disqualified from winning, but:

"Wait..I thought this was the one in Austin! Oh, God..."

jaybro said...

I think it was two-pronged, a combination of
"How can you smile through the smell of day-old wretch and taco meat that pervades this godforsaken place?"
"Wait, the "M" stands for "moo cow?"

BWS said...

"OMG, my professional life is over!"

ben said...

"if i only got the job coaching the dillon panthers, i'd be able to look my wife in the eye again!"

greg said...

Wait, you mean Acie Law IV graduated?

Scott said...

"I didn't realize that they were serious about the sheep f--king"