April 25, 2007

Offseason Caption Contest #4

Caption this photo of The Thing running at Texas Pro Day:

Greg Kelminson was deemed winner of the third caption contest. This caption will run through Sunday.

Caption Contest Standings:

Scott Price -- 1
Ben Dorfman -- 1
Greg Kelminson -- 1


ben said...

No one ever told photographer Mike Honcho (pictured here lying down, in black shirt) that viewing Kasey Studdard's medulla oblongata straight through his rectum while using a high-powered zoom lens would result in permanent blindness in his right eye. Then again, nobody ever told him that it wouldn't.

greg said...

What is Jeff Asher doing with Brittany Goodman?

JBRATER said...

Erstwhile Texas standout and future NFL draft pick Kasey Studdard, shortly before being overtaken by Wesley Snipes running barefoot in pajamas.

jaybro said...

The cameraman is either holding a steaming pile of ribs or a Nazi rally.

Scott said...

"he looks like a baby. i'm gonna eat you. get in my belly. i'm higher in the food chain. i've got corn in my crap bigger then you. "

Benjamin said...

Meanwhile in the Soviet Union, Zangief trains hard for his upcoming bout with Colonel Guile for the Street Fighter Championship.