April 19, 2007

On Beating Aggy and Baseball

A few morning ramblings to get you through the day:
  • Congrats are in order for the UT women's tennis team for defeating Texas A&M and bringing the Lone Star Showdown magic number down to 1.5 for the Horns to clinch for the third straight year. Texas now leads the "showdown" 8.5 to 6 with 4.5 points remaining.
  • The Cardinals still can't hit
  • Dice-K is getting the Pedro treatment from the Bo Sox. Tuesday's outing: 7 innings, 3 hits, 10 strikeouts and getting saddled with a 2-1 loss. As usual, all of America will undoubtedly tune in to watch Yanks-Sox this weekend as all three games are on national TV.
  • Caption Contest #2 will be open through Sunday, limit two entries per person. At the end of the offseason, the person with the most Caption Contest victories will receive a prize.


ben said...

what is the prize? and how many contests are you planning on having? i need to know these things so i know when to break out the good stuff.

WAO said...

excellent questions, both. the prize will probably be nothing of consequence (we po'!) and we will probably have, oh, say 10?