April 28, 2007

NFL Draft Day Thread

And we're off and running for the 2007 NFL Draft. The Raiders are on the clock with nine minutes remaining.

12:19 PM EST: Raiders have their pick in, and...it's JaMarcus Russell from LSU. Lions are on the clock, and this pick should go a long way towards determining the entertainment value of the first round. Roger Goodell with a little more chit chat then I'd like to see from the Commish. Just stick to the picks, Rog. I'm missing Paul Tagliabue already.

12:32 PM EST: The Lions are still on the clock, will they go WR for the fourth time in the last five years? Will they trade the pick? Here comes the Commish for more chatting...and the pick is...Calvin Johnson. Will they trade him today? Will he be a Lion at the end of the day? Who will throw to him? Either way, the Lions get the best player in the draft. Now hopefully we'll get to see Brady Quinn's slide begin.

12:36 PM EST: With the Lions taking Calvin Johnson, there's no suprise that they have allegedly traded Mike Williams to the Titans for an undisclosed draft choice. We're now halfway to Cleveland's pick, the guess is Brady Quinn, the smart move is Adrian Peterson.

12:41 PM EST: With the third pick, Cleveland selects Joe Thomas from Wisconsin. Here comes the slide for Quinn. He could fall to either the Vikings at 7 or Dolphins at 9.

12:45 PM EST: Pete Prisco update...about JaMarcus -- "They need a quarterback, but they took the wrong one." Shocking. A solid pick by the Browns, not flashy but it'll definitely improve the team. The Bucs are on the clock now.

12:54 PM EST: Tampa Bay's pick is in, the guess is Gaines Adams...and the pick is...Gaines Adams. A smart pick from Tampa. We could all probably do without the "Ok, Buc fans" from the Commish...just the picks, please.

1:03 PM EST: Interesting pick here for the Cardinals. They don't really have a need for RB or QB. The pick is in, and it is...Levi Brown. Another smart pick, gives their offensive line added support. Washington is on the clock. LaRon Landry, Adrian Peterson, and Jamaal Anderson are all possibilities. The winner of this draft so far seems to be the Minnesota Vikings. They may have the chance to choose between Brady Quinn and Adrian Peterson.

1:12 PM EST: We are rolling through the first round. Redskins are on the clock and it looks like the pick is going to be LaRon Landry. Another solid pick. Nothing spectacular but adding a good player from the bayou. Vikings are now on the clock. This is a pick that could determine the fate of Brady Quinn. He could conceivably fall into the middle of the first round if the Vikings pass.

1:25 PM EST: The Vikings are still on the clock, so it makes sense to post a link to VY freestyle rapping. Enjoy.

1:27 PM EST: The Vikings take Adrian Peterson, a fantastic pick. He could be the second best prospect in the draft. The Falcons are now on the clock. Does Quinn fall past the Dolphins at 9? This could be an Aaron Rodgers situation developing.

1:37 PM EST: Falcons still on the clock, the pick has to be Jamaal Anderson or Amobi Okoye. Here come's the pick, and...it's Jamaal Anderson. Another smart pick, although he'll never get a whiff of Drew Brees.

1:41 PM EST: Miami Dolphins on the clock. If they don't take Quinn, he could fall all the way to Kansas City at 23. Jacksonville could take him at 17, or somebody could trade up.

1:50 PM EST: The Dolphins pick is in, and...it is Tedd Ginn. Wow, let Brady's fall begin. An interesting pick to say the least. Didn't see that pick coming, to say the least. A risky pick for the Dolphins, could work out in the long run.

1:55 PM EST: The Texans are on the clock, and how they'll screw this up is anyone's guess. The guess is Amobi Okoye, but who knows?

2:04 PM EST: We're two hours into an exciting NFL Draft. We're going to slow down the live blogging, click over to Pete Prisco if you want accurate, unbiased draft coverage. Some highlights of the first round -- the Steve Spurrier Under Armour commercial sucking worse each time, the VY and Reggie Bush Madden commercials, Brady Quinn's slide, and the run on CBs hasn't begun yet. Hopefully one will fall to the Saints. Not to say we told you so, but nine picks in and Prisco has criticized four teams for passing on Quinn. Anyhow, the Texans take...Amobi Okoye. A solid pick for the Texans, their defense could be markedly improved from a year ago. Key questions for the rest of the first round: when will the run on CBs start? How far will Brady slide? Will Greg Olsen last until #27?

2:59 PM EST: We're back after pick 14. The Jets gave up a lot to take Darrelle Revis. Brady's slide continues, the guess is that it'll be #17 or #23. The Steelers are on the clock, and they could go a number of directions...The Steelers take Lawrence Timmons, a pretty solid pick for them. The Packers are now on the clock.

3:46 PM EST: The Titans are now on the clock...could reunite Aaron Ross with Vince Young. Jarvis Moss, Leon Hall, Justin Harrell gone...the Titans instead go with Michael Griffin. The first Horn is off the board and it's not Aaron Ross.

3:58 PM EST: For absolutely no reason whatsoever, below is the greatest commercial...ever. Also, the Giants pick is in and...it's Aaron Ross! The run on CBs is officially on.

4:04 PM EST: Jaguars are now on the clock, the guess is Brady Quinn's slide ends here...The pick is in and...it's Reggie Nelson. Not a shocker, the Cowboys could take Quinn or he could fall to the second round. The DB run continues, can Tarell Brown be far behind?

4:16 PM EST: The Cowboys have traded their pick to the Browns, a terrific move by the Browns. Quinn is the obvious pick. Be prepared for major praise from Pete Prisco. The Browns gave up pick 36 this year and their #1 next year.

4:30 PM EST: "This is the best pick of the entire draft. They get a franchise passer in the back end of the first round? Are you kidding me? Good job by Phil Savage to go up and get Quinn. He will be a star." Praise from Caesar himself. The Chiefs are still on the clock, and allegedly they were looking at Quinn as we called. Joe Staley is the guess here.

4:32 PM EST: It's Dwayne Bowe, another guy the Saints were likely looking at. New England, Carolina and Philly are all up before the Saints pick.

4:43 PM EST: Patriots are almost done with their pick. The guess, just going by the gut, is Paul Posluszny. They have two of the next five picks. The pick is in, and...it's Brandon Meriweather. That's not really a Bill Belichick player.

5:02 PM EST: Dallas has traded up to #26, giving up their 2nd rounder from Cleveland, a 3rd and a 5th. One of Greg Olsen, Robert Meachem, Paul Posluszny or Chris Houston will be available to the Saints.

5:06 PM EST: The Cowboys pick is in, it's probably whoever the Saints wanted. And...it's Anthony Spencer...Saints didn't want him.

5:09 PM EST: THE SAINTS ARE ON THE CLOCK! It's been five hours but it's finally here! Our preferred players are, in no particular order -- Paul Posluszny, Chris Houston, Robert Meachem, Dwayne Jarrett and Greg Olsen. David Harris or Joe Staley would be less attractive but also acceptable. Expect to see somebody not on this list in the black and gold next season.

5:13 PM EST: Quick update, Texas baseball up 7-2 on Oklahoma State. Back to back HRs by Moldenhauer (grand slam) and Peoples went yard back-to-back to give the Horns the lead.

5:20 PM EST: The pick is in, and...it's Meachem! Good pick, making a good offense even better.

5:21 PM EST: We'll be back in a bit with first round wrap-up and analysis.


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Keep fallin Peterson. Sooner Sam will welcome you with open arms!

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