April 24, 2007

Favorite Draft Moment #5

In the countdown to the NFL Draft, we'll be bringing you some of our favorite draft moments of the last few years. Today's is the story of then Cal QB Aaron Rodgers.

In 2004, shortly after his team had failed to qualify for their first Rose Bowl in half a century, Rodgers said:
“I thought it was a little classless how Coach Brown was begging for votes after the (Texas A&M) game. I think a team’s record and the way you play should speak for itself, and you shouldn’t have to complain about the BCS system. Coach Tedford isn’t going to, although he’s frustrated just like we are. I think we’re a bigger team, classier than that.”

Mack Brown has his faults. His offenses have occasionally failed to deliver in big games, the whole Greg Davis thing, the whole Chris Simms thing, etc. But lack of class? Mack is arguably the classiest coach in college football. Calling Mack classless is like calling Nick Saban loyal.

It gave us great pleasure, therefore, first to see Cal lose to fellow Big XII stalwart Texas Tech. Then Rodgers fell from the potential 1st overall pick to Green Bay with the 24th pick. Making matters even more delightful, Rodgers had been invited to New York to attend the draft. During ESPN's draft coverage, we got to see Rodgers squirm for several hours as team after team passed him up.

As a final point of redemption, Rodgers was picked by Green Bay where he has wallowed on the bench behind Brett Favre. After two NFL seasons, Rodgers has played in 5 games, throwing just 31 passes for 0 touchdowns and an interception. What can we say? Karma is a bitch.

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