April 12, 2007

The VY Rule

Definition: Once in a lifetime player. Professional superstar. Immediately among your favorite pro teams after being drafted

I mean...just look at this!

Examples: VY, Kevin Durant, TJ Ford, Huston Street (borderline)

ESPN Classic Reaction: "NO....NO!"


BWS said...

Nah, the ESPN Classic reaction is more like the loudest, longest, most laborious sigh in the history of the world. Along with a glance at whoever is in the room and a "What if..." question.

JBRATER said...

The Desmond Howard (AKA "Hello, Heisman") Rule:

Description: Anyone who makes a 93-Yard, Heisman-clinching touchdown punt return in one of the biggest games in the greatest rivalry in the history of sports, then strikes the pose.

ESPN Classic reaction: "Runs Howard all the way back to the 7. Oh, what move... Look at that. Oh my goodness...

one man! ...

goodbye! ...

Hello, Heisman!"


(Audio Essential)

B-Money said...

Yeah, I was late to class because I had to watch that YouTube video twice. It would have been nice to have seen the run at the end of the Titans-Texans game on there, but closing off with "The Touchdown" isn't so bad either. As many touchdown passes as he might throw, there will NEVER be a Colt McCoy video like that.