April 19, 2007

Sooners to be Bomar'd at Cotton Bowl Until 2015

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that a deal has been reached to keep Texas-OU at the Cotton Bowl for the foreseeable future. According to the article:
Dallas Mayor Laura Miller will announce Friday that the future of the Texas-OU game at the Cotton Bowl during the State Fair will be extended through 2015, several Dallas officials said Thursday.
This is great news for the future of the Texas-OU game which we feel strongly is one of the best in college football. There's just something unique to this series about seeing half a stadium filled with burnt orange and the other half emptying as Rodrique Wright does his best Carl Lewis impersonation while Rhett Bomar contemplates about his future as a car salesman.


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Scott said...

Hook 'Em. I really didnt want to subject our players to have to play in that awful state more than once every other year. What good is a state if they only have one house worth a million. Stoops will have fun selling that one when he leaves.