April 29, 2007

NFL Draft Day 2

11:15 PM EST: Brian Robison goes to Minnesota with the 3rd pick in the 4th round. We'll count that as a successful prediction (we said mid-late 3rd round, close enough). We're now 5 of 6 on Horns with Tarell Brown being the exception.

12:00 PM EST: The Saints trade up to take Antonio Pittman with their first pick in the 4th round. Interesting to say the least. The thinking is that if/when Deuce gets hurt, they'll need another running back to take his role in the offense. It's a weak group of RB prospects but Pittman is one of the top RBs in the draft. At best, the Saints may have found Deuce's heir in a few years. At worst, the Saints got a solid running back that can fill in for Deuce when needed.

12:33 PM EST: With their second pick in the 4th round the Saints take Jermon Bushrod, OT from Towson...no idea. Next pick is 154

2:57 PM EST: Kasey Studdard goes #183 to the Texans. Tarell Brown went #147 to San Fran, who is having a nice draft so far. Saints have one more pick in the 7th round. They went CB with the 5th round pick, some guy from Wingate. Would like to see them go DT, LB or QB with the final pick, don't count on it though. Texas baseball up 3-0 on Oklahoma State in the bottom of the 3rd.


CaptainFavrelous said...

I know it's early in the offseason, but anybody else concerned about the Patriots making another run this year? Today they add Moss to an already potent offense featuring most notably Tom Brady and David Thomas, and they have had quite a busy offseason before this trade--enlisting Adalius Thomas, Sammy Morris, Dante Stallworth, and two Brady children. Only consolation here is that the Packers last SB win came at the hands of the Pat's...I'd love to see that again.

JMA said...

It's a good point, the Pats may be the team to beat in the AFC, but Randy Moss may be their downfall as well. He could coneivably single handedly destroy the Pats by week eight or he could be the missing piece Tom Brady needs. It'll be interesting to see who the Saints play in SB XLII. Also, I believe David Thomas has a broken foot, not sure how that'll affect the development of one of my all-time favorite Horns

Anonymous said...

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