April 17, 2007

Sources: Vince Young to Break Madden Curse

It will be officially announced later today that VY will grace the cover of Madden '08. You can read more about the alleged curse here, but we expect VY to shatter this curse much like he destroyed the notion that a QB can't throw for 3,000 yards while rushing for 1,000 in a single season.

We don't know precisely why EA Sports decided on Vince as opposed to say, Terrell Owens, but we'd imagine it was because of plays like this:

Oh, and it could also be because VY is not a self-involved, clinically insane shmuck.

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ben said...

the best part about that clip is the shot of VY celebrating with pacman jones, doing some sort of hand-slapping routine. wow, i mean, who better than VY to break the curse, but can you imagine how the titans must be feeling right now? they lose pacman for the season, and now this?