April 27, 2007

Favorite Draft Moment #2

There aren't many times that the NFL Draft is arguably the highlight of a fan's NFL season, and even fewer times when it is arguably the highlight of a fan's season when that fan's team goes to the NFC championship game. The 2006 NFL Draft, however, proved to be one of the great moments in a fantastic 2006 season.

There were two schools of thought when the Houston Texans began suggesting they were seriously considering drafting Mario Williams with the 1st pick. The first argued that the Texans were using Super Mario as a bargaining chip to make Reggie Bush more signable. The second argued the Texans were using some strange logic to position themselves better for a trade.

Nobody thought they were stupid enough to actually talk themselves out of two of the most dynamic players to enter the NFL Draft in years. What can we say? We didn't listen!

The Texans took Mario first and the rest is history. By passing on VY and Reggie, the Texans opened up the door for Reggie to fall to the Saints and VY to go to a good situation in Tennessee. Not suprisingly, Mario suffered through an unimpressive (although injury affected) first season, and both Reggie and Vince showed flashes of their brilliance. Moreover, NFL fans everywhere got to follow every Texans game and laugh at their misery. This moment became even sweeter following the '06 season when the Texans cut both Dominick Williams (Davis) and David Carr...

Sorry, Sam.


Samuel said...

Did you have to remind me?
10-6(at worst)!

Benjamin said...

Am I the only male in the Great 48 who can't wait for the draft tomorrow solely because they'll finally have something new to talk about? I mean, seriously, I'm almost getting sick of seeing JaMarcus Russell highlights. Almost. My roommate just compared to it to his NFL team "having a baby." I prefer Jim Rome's sarcastic comment that the draft "snuck up on us like that house snuck up on Billy Joel's car." Come on, fellas, there's playoff basketball going on. Sudanese men are throwing up 33 points against the Heat, Germans are losing to their archnemeses (the blacks), and on an unrelated note, Michael Vick is sponsoring dogfights. Instead, I have to look at Mel Kiper's vampire-looking ass all day.